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Our Story

Our Story

In the world of cancer, money equals research, research equals treatments and cures. Proceeds from all CureFest Events go directly towards cancer research.

September 1, 2011, my husband, Phil Baumann (of Baumann Paint & body) was diagnosed with brain cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme, Grade 4. A Glioma is the main group of brain tumors, occurring in 65% of brain tumors. Glioblastoma originates in the glial cells that surround and support neurons. It is highly resistant to radiation and chemotherapy and so invasive that surgery almost never eliminates it. Patients suffering from this malignant Glioma live on average for about 14 months with treatment.

We were devastated.

On Phil’s second tumor we opted not to have surgery and instead take our chances with a trial at MD Anderson called Delta-24-RGD. The virus spreads in a wave through the tumors until there are no cancer cells left. Delta-24-RGD forces tumor cells to devour themselves. The virus has been engineered to ‘infect’ only cells that lack the Rb tumor suppressor gene, a condition unique to tumor cells.

With Standard chemo and radiation treatment Phil was given 14 months to live, but due to the groundbreaking research and use of the Delta-24 RGD trial at MD Anderson Phil survived just 3 months shy of 6 years of this deadly disease. We believe if it wasn’t for the research at MD Anderson he wouldn’t have made it almost 6 years.

Our StoryAbout 17,000 people are diagnosed with cancer that began in or next to the brain every year in the United States. Glioblastoma multiforme is the most common and most malignant primary tumor of the brain and associated with one of the worst 5-year survival rates among all human cancers. Nevertheless, a small fraction of glioblastoma patients survive for more than 36 months. These patients are referred to as long-term survivors.

Our focus is to raise money to put into research to help them find a Cure and that can’t come too soon for a quickly growing population of brain cancer patients.

Our StoryBrain Cancer is one of the least funded cancers and has the least awareness out there. Finding a Cure for all types of brain tumors will not happen overnight. It needs lots of research – if we are to achieve the same successes in treatments as have been discovered for diseases such as Leukemia, breast and lung cancer.

We have started this effort by putting together a Music Festival Fundraiser every year in Humble. All proceeds will go to The Brain Cancer Research Team at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Phil was a fighter in every way. He put his faith in these trials and they worked. Now it’s up to us to help push these trials even further. With your help, I know we can find a cure one day. Phil’s legacy will go on forever and he will be so happy that he was able to be a part of the foundation for a cure for this terrible disease that took him from us. He carried the baton like a champion, running as hard as he could for as long as he could.

It’s now time to pass the baton… But there will be a finish line. And because we did our part, someone else will cross the finish line, but we will all celebrate as part of the team.

So, even though I couldn’t save my husband, we cannot give up this fight. Someone else’s husband or father or son or child or wife will succumb to this disease and we must help them cross that finish line!!! We will all be there to see that one day I know in my heart.

You Can Have a Huge Impact On Developing a Cure for Brain Cancer